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Code Blue Response

Pulse Rescue is proud to offer a comprehensive app designed to assist healthcare professionals during critical code blue situations. Our app is equipped with three distinct algorithms, each tailored to address the unique needs of different patient age groups: adult, pediatric, and neonatal.

Pulse Rescue

Pulse Rescue's Cutting-Edge App

Pulse Rescue operates on a subscription-based business model, offering healthcare organizations access to our cutting-edge mobile app and support services. Our subscription plans are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of hospitals, clinics, and emergency medical teams, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

To maximize the value of our offering, we provide comprehensive customer support, including technical assistance, training resources, and prompt response to queries or concerns. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a seamless onboarding process and ongoing satisfaction for our subscribers.

By embracing a subscription-based model, Pulse Rescue fosters long-term partnerships with healthcare organizations, facilitating continuous innovation, and ensuring our app remains at the forefront of emergency response technology. Together, we can drive positive change and make a lasting impact in critical care environments.

Each healthcare organization will receive an iPad with Pulse Rescue already pre-loaded and ready to use. This iPad can be mounted on a wall inside the emergency department or it can be directly mounted onto a crash cart  

Pulse Rescue


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For adult patients, our algorithm provides a systematic and effective approach to resuscitation, taking into account their specific physiology and medical requirements. It guides healthcare teams through the crucial steps, ensuring a well-coordinated response.


When it comes to pediatric patients, Pulse Rescue seamlessly transitions to a specialized algorithm designed specifically for this age group. It considers their size, weight, and age-appropriate resuscitation protocols, providing healthcare professionals with precise and tailored guidance.


For neonatal patients, we understand the delicate nature of care required during code blue situations. Our app offers a dedicated algorithm that guides healthcare teams through the unique challenges and considerations involved in resuscitating newborns

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Pulse Rescue?

A: Pulse Rescue is a mobile app specifically developed to assist healthcare professionals during critical code blue situations. It provides step-by-step algorithms and real-time guidance, empowering healthcare teams to respond swiftly and effectively.

Q: How does Pulse Rescue work?

A: Pulse Rescue utilizes intuitive algorithms tailored for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. The app guides healthcare professionals through each critical step, ensuring a systematic approach to resuscitation. It can be accessed on iPads, offering a user-friendly interface and real-time support.

Q: How can Pulse Rescue benefit healthcare professionals?

A: Pulse Rescue enhances code blue response by providing healthcare professionals with a powerful tool that streamlines the process. It minimizes stress, maximizes efficiency, and ensures that no vital steps are missed. With real-time guidance, Pulse Rescue empowers healthcare professionals to deliver timely and effective interventions.

Q: Can Pulse Rescue integrate with our hospital's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system?

A: Yes, Pulse Rescue offers seamless integration with EMR systems. At the end of each session, the app automatically generates a complete code blue documentation report that can be easily accessed, printed, or sent directly to your hospital's EMR. This feature eliminates the need for manual paperwork and transcription errors.

Q: Is Pulse Rescue suitable for different patient age groups?

A: Absolutely. Pulse Rescue is designed to cater to the unique needs of patients across different age groups. The app provides distinct algorithms for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. Each algorithm considers the specific physiology, medical requirements, and resuscitation protocols applicable to that age group.

Q: How can I get Pulse Rescue for my healthcare organization?

A: To get Pulse Rescue for your healthcare organization, please reach out to our sales team. We offer flexible subscription plans tailored to accommodate the needs of hospitals, clinics, and emergency medical teams. Our team will guide you through the onboarding process and provide ongoing support.

Q: What kind of customer support is available for Pulse Rescue subscribers?

A: As a Pulse Rescue subscriber, you have access to comprehensive customer support. We provide technical assistance, training resources, and prompt response to any queries or concerns. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a seamless experience and your satisfaction with Pulse Rescue.

Q: Is Pulse Rescue compliant with industry guidelines and best practices?

A: Yes, Pulse Rescue is developed based on industry guidelines and best practices. We continuously update and enhance our app to align with the latest evidence-based practices in resuscitation and emergency care. This ensures that healthcare professionals using Pulse Rescue are equipped with the most up-to-date tools and techniques.

Q: Can Pulse Rescue be customized to fit our specific protocols and guidelines?

A: While Pulse Rescue offers standardized algorithms based on best practices, we understand that healthcare organizations may have specific protocols and guidelines. We provide the option for limited customization to align the app with your organization's unique needs. Our team will work closely with you to accommodate any necessary adaptations.

Q: Is training provided for using Pulse Rescue?

A: Yes, training resources are available for healthcare professionals using Pulse Rescue. We offer comprehensive onboarding sessions and educational materials to ensure that users are familiar with the app's features and functionality. Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals to utilize Pulse Rescue effectively.

If you have any further questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact our support team.

Q: How will Pulse Rescue help our organization in the event of a lawsuit?

A: Pulse Rescue takes the importance of accurate documentation seriously, especially in critical code blue situations where legal implications may arise. Our app is designed to maintain a comprehensive record of every step taken during the resuscitation process, providing a reliable source of documentation if needed in the event of a lawsuit.

Throughout the code blue response, Pulse Rescue captures and records crucial information in real time. This includes timestamps, interventions performed, medications administered, and vital signs monitored. By systematically documenting each action and response, Pulse Rescue ensures an accurate and detailed account of the entire event.

At the end of each session, the app generates a complete code blue documentation report. This report can be easily accessed, printed, or sent directly to your hospital's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. This feature eliminates the need for manual paperwork, reduces transcription errors, and provides a secure and organized repository of critical data.

In the unfortunate event of a lawsuit, the detailed and time-stamped documentation generated by Pulse Rescue serves as a valuable source of information. It can help healthcare professionals and organizations provide a clear and thorough account of the actions taken during the code blue event, supporting their defense and demonstrating adherence to established protocols and best practices.

Pulse Rescue's focus on accurate and comprehensive documentation aims to facilitate effective communication among the healthcare team, aid in analysis and quality improvement initiatives, and provide a valuable resource for legal purposes when necessary. With Pulse Rescue, healthcare professionals can have peace of mind knowing that their actions are well-documented and can be easily accessed if needed.


Join The Wait List

Get notified when your organization becomes eligible for Pulse Rescue! We're currently focused on setting up Colorado hospitals exclusively. Once these hospitals are fully equipped, we will extend sales to other organizations.


Please call the number below to be added to the current wait list. 

(833) 61-PULSE

Please note that organizations will be added on a first come, first served basis. 

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